Recently, Ch. Girsh Industries supplied the Electric Company’s security division with a command vehicle.

The vehicle was modeled according to the customer’s stringent requirements, and combines electrical, communication, control and multimedia systems, a folding mast with a camera, satellite antenna, retrievable communication base and a system of special cameras. Additionally, the vehicle tows an equipment trailer with a silenced generator, side tents and equipment crates.

In addition to the vehicle, we modeled a special excavated camera positioned several hundred meters away, and transmitting video files to the vehicle through a directional antenna based on independent WI-FI transmission. The camera has day and night observation and recording capabilities.

The electrical system was planned on the basis of triple-phase and single-phase power sources, generators, a voltage converter and a UPS, with consumer rating and longer than usual residual time.

Ch.Girsh Industries also provides the Electric Company’s security division with professional support comprised of training, practicing, service and assistance.

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