We are proud to announce that for the first time in Israel you can purchase a special semitrailer for the transport of large (jumbo) float glass. The semitrailer is imported to Israel by Ch. Girsh Industries – the exclusive agent of the German manufacturer -Langendorf.

The semitrailer can self load and unload a float glass rack.

It can self unload a float glass platform weighing up to 28 tons and leave it with the customer.

So now, loading and unloading with a crane is unnecessary, as the semitrailer loads and unloads on its own.

Additionally, there is no need for special wooden packaging, as the semitrailer is equipped with an accurate hydraulic fastening system that supports the float glass during traveling and while turning.

Working with this semitrailer allows you to transport jumbo float glass up to 6.00 meters long and 3.50 meters tall without having to be concerned about violating traffic regulations relating to height and weight.

Training, service and support are provided by the professional staff of Ch. Girsh Industries.

We congratulate the buyer S. T. Glass from Kfar Masha’ad – Nazareth, a transport company specializing in float glass transport.

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