“Floatliner” is a triple-axle semitrailer for transporting float glass with no wooden packaging. Its unique structure permits it to be lowered to the ground, taking out the loaded platform and leaving it at the customer’s site.

In addition to the advantages of effectiveness, safety, operational savings, and low investment in equipment compared to high profitability, this unique semitrailer provides a number of additional professional benefits:

  • A semitrailer independent of the loading / unloading schedule.
  • Ability to perform several transport rounds without waiting for loading or unloading.
  • Improved, reliable glass anchoring and safety devices.
  • Low center of mass for improved safety of travel.
  • Possibility to transport large float glass in length and height.
  • Canceling the need for wooden packaging – reduced costs.
  • Improved protection against rain and condensation during transport.
  • Crane unnecessary for self-unloading.

    These semitrailers are manufactured by Langendorf, Germany and imported to Israel by Ch. Girsh Industries who is the exclusive agent in Israel of special semitrailers for float glass transport.


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