In special cases your business requires the transportation of heavy or very long haulage such as:

  • Exceptional weight concrete girders
  • Building parts that are longer than average
  • Engineering equipment taller and heavier than normal

Ch. Girsh is the exclusive Israeli representative of the Doll Company from Germany, specializing in producing multi-axle semitrailers with controlled hydraulic steering for any required load or length.

We offer advanced solutions to carry out the job as safely and effectively as possible by the use of advanced equipment including high quality professional semitrailers, intelligent semitrailers with optimal operational flexibility, a low center of mass for improved safety, and improved turning radius based on Doll’s advanced technology – “Panther”.

All work is done with stringent care under special engineering based on the type of load, and is provided with an extended guarantee of 5 years !!!

Doll 5+1 axles low bed

נתמך רב סרני- סרן קדמי + 5 אחוריים מהוגים


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  • נגרר-מבודד-גובה-פנימי-3.1-מטר
  • נתמך-מבודד-גובה-3.11
  • נתמך-מבודד-גובה-פנימי-3.1-מטר