Did you know that a 13.6 m long semitrailer can be loaded / unloaded in as little as 2-3 minutes?

We offer special solutions for handling every type of goods and loads. Ch. Girsh Industries is the Israeli representative of the Ancra Company from Holland specializing in planning and supplying handling solutions around the world.


Among our solutions you can find:

  • Handling systems for trucks and semitrailers .
  • Handling systems for use on loading and unloading platforms
  • Controlled automatic systems
  • Integration with automatic warehouses

Among the handling systems we offer you will find:

  • Inflatable and elevating rollers tracks
  • Motorized chain tracks
  • Motorized slot tracks
  • Roll down PVC floor
  • Skate system for quick loading
  • Multi level handling systems
  • Trans-level handling lifts


לחץ כאן למעבר אל אתר הספק

  • במת-הרמה-כחלק-מהרצפה
  • פתח-אחורי-שינוע-פי.וי.סי-
  • Digital Camera
  • גלגלות-משטחי-מטוס