Looking for a solution for transporting precast concrete walls?

We offer a safe, effective and convenient way that can save your business a lot of money.

We are the exclusive importers and marketers of special semitrailers for precast concrete walls by Langendorf, Germany. This is the world’s leading manufacturer of special semitrailers for pre-cast concrete walls – the “Innenlader.”

“Innenlader” is a triple-axle semitrailer for transporting an internal platform which is loaded with precast walls.

Its unique structure permits it to be lowered to the ground, releasing the loaded platform and leaving it in the construction site (without having to wait for unloading by the construction site’s crane).

In addition to the clear advantages of effectiveness, safety, operational savings, and low investment in equipment compared to high profitability, the semitrailer provides a number of additional professional benefits:

  • A unit independent of the work schedule at the construction site and manufacturing plant.
  • Ability to perform several transport rounds without waiting for loading or unloading.
  • Improved, reliable anchoring and safety devices.
  • Low center of mass for improved safety of travel.
  • Possibility to transport large walls in length and height.
  • Minimum number of handlings.
  • Economical car fleet.
  • Less damages to precast walls from lashing chains.



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