The semitrailers sold by Ch. Girth Industries are manufactured by Lecitrailer, the leading Spanish company.

Each and every vehicle, without exception, conforms to Israeli Standard 1291 (Cold Transport of Food). They are suitable for transporting meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables, flowers and spices for export or local markets. Advantages:

  • Low heat transfer coefficient – 0.34 K.
  • Lightweight semitrailers and trailers.
  • Optional side doors.
  • Forklift accessibility.
  • Double deck loading.
  • Special modifications to customer specifications.

Our variety of semitrailers is used by the leading companies in Israel.

All semitrailers have low self-weight and high payload.

We can supply Jumbo semitrailers with high transport volume, as well as semitrailers specifically adjusted to a wide variety of specifications.

  • הובלת משטחים גבוהים
  • נתמך-קירור-דלתות-סביב
  • נתמך 36 טון וילונות מבודדים
  • נתמך מבודד -גובה 3.1