Ch. Girsh Industries (1985) Ltd. is a veteran company leading in the field of transportation and logistics, and providing advanced technological solutions.

Having been founded in the 60’s, the company has since established its activity in the field of truck bodies. In 1985 it was acquired by Amir Avinery and increased the extent of its activity to various advanced solutions, such as importing and supplying semitrailers and trailers, refrigerated transport, designated bodies and installing handling systems.

The company prides itself in the use of creative thinking in a challenging, demanding and dynamic world, and always promotes uncompromising quality, high level performance and professionalism, technological innovation and, of course – the most important point in the calling card of every technology-based company – extensive experience and reputation.

The company represents the leading companies on the European market, and its products are always on the frontline of technology and innovation in various fields, such as general transport, beverage semitrailers, CNG transport, pre-cast concrete walls, float glass, expansion wagons, etc.

Ch. Girsh Industries has been awarded the quality assurance standard for ISO 2008:9001. It therefore creates and modifies vehicles for various uses in the field of control and command, makes instructional mobiles, bloodmobiles, mobile workshops and other assorted models.

The engineering office employs specialist engineers who are responsible for correct planning according to the customer’s specifications, and provide the customer with full support and 3D model simulation.

The company provides lease services as well as financing solutions against adequate collateral.